It was a warm summer afternoon

It was a warm summer afternoon....I had just finished having lunch and was lying on my bed wondering what i could do to keep myself entertained. My brother came in my room and asked me if I was interested in designing/making something with him. He wouldn’t tell me what it was and told me to come to the basement in ten minutes if I wanted to know what he was designing/making. Out of curiosity I went downstairs. I saw him staring deeply into the screen of the laptop. He looked up and saw me and jumped straight up. He signaled me to come over to the table, and there it was, a motionless robot. He asked me to help in programming it. He told me that we had to program it with AI. He saw the confused look on my face and explained that its full form was artificial intelligence.
It is the simulation of human intelligence by computer systems. It was founded by Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell, and Herbert A. Simon. Their main aim was to create intelligent machines. AI is used in the modern world for most of the daily activities. Many of the cars are equipped with artificial intelligence and can automate the car without a human at the steering wheel. Most of the systems with AI are continuously learning. They store the previously collected data and comprehend it to come to conclusions.
I suddenly interrupted him as I didn’t understand the concept of them evolving as in what if the collected the wrong data and came to the wrong conclusion. He thought for a while and realized that when he programs his robot, certain algorithms preventing it from performing dangerous tasks or collecting the wrong information should be entered along with the algorithms containing its basic decision making abilities. There are many advantages of having AI equipped machinery:
1. It can be implemented in medical science to detect and identify various types of diseases which cannot be detected by the human eye or computers. The robots with AI can act as machines to detect various types of cancer without hampering the health of the patient.
2. It isn’t affected by hostile environments and will be able to complete dangerous tasks without the risk of injury or death.
3. It will increase the efficiency of the industries. The machines will work continuously without fatigue and at a rate faster than humans who will also get tired easily.
4. It can achieve a better accuracy as it constantly learns and processes the data. It uses the data to make solutions to the problems.

I was surprised that he knew so much about AI. It was pretty enlightening for me too. We spent the next two weeks making the algorithms and deciding which ones to include or to exclude.
Many people in the world have the idea that if artificial intelligence is applied everywhere, the machines would evolve and take control over themselves. These thoughts have been sparked due to the abundance of movies which show the same.
I think that it is the start of a new phase in human life which will have its pro and cons but will be beneficial in the long run and there is no possible way to avoid it..