Basic Types of Essays Every Student Should Know

It is not a secret that students are often bombarded with different types of assignments. And your skills in writing papers can significantly affect your academic performance and further success. You cannot pretend that it is a trifle at least because your professor will hardly agree with you. Thus, you have to do your best to meet this challenge if you want to achieve academic success. Yes, you can say that you don’t need all these things since you can use services like extraessay to get your papers done, but it may not help when it is about a college application. You should choose the right type of essay to answer the main question, and of course, you cannot afford to confuse them since your future career may depend on it. Even though they are talking about tens of different types of essays, you should be good at the main 4 ones that will be the base for all other types. Everything here will depend on the writer’s key goal, and each type of essay is aimed at solving the issue.

1. Narrative essays

When you write this type of essay, you tell a story that involves some personal experience or imagination. Thus, you can tell a fictional story or, for example, your impressions of the book. This type is the most common one, so you should learn how to write it correctly. Your main task here is to evoke emotions in the reader, so you should make your story bright and vivid. This type is often written in the first person to achieve the desired result since it helps a reader feel like a part of the story. A well-tailored narrative essay will provide you with a chance to make a statement.

2. Descriptive essays

When your goal is to describe something in bright colors, you should use a descriptive type of essay. It is like when you use words to draw a picture. You should help your reader imagine a person, a place, or an idea you are talking about. You add details to show the emotions and atmosphere of the thing or event. Nonetheless, bear in mind that this type of essay is used not just for the description itself, but it is a tool that you use to show a deeper meaning. You allow a reader to imagine themselves in the place and feel all the emotions, literally “touch” the object with their hand. Your task is to evoke strong emotions.

3. Expository essays

When you need to inform your reader about something and bring in facts to support the ideas, you should use an expository essay. For example, to answer the question, "Is nerdify legit?" you should present a balanced analysis to give the correct response. Here, you should use facts only, some statistical data, and examples to develop a theme. Thus, don’t describe anything or bring your opinion about the topic. You should leave your personal feelings for other types of essays. Thus, maybe you will have to do research to support the thesis.

4. Persuasive essays

While in the previous case, you have to present the facts, here, your main goal is to convince the readers to accept your point of view or follow the recommendation. For example, you need to convince someone to examine myassignmenthelp reviews. You can use facts to prove your suggestion, bring expert opinion, and force the reader to look at the subject with your eyes. You should provide clear and sound reasoning about why a person should follow your idea. Your statements shouldn’t be ambiguous and confuse the person.